Motorcycle Restoration and Modification

Moto Rosso restores, collects and modifies Ducati (and other) Sport bikes. We find high quality used bikes, often with low mileage, and restore them to original specifications. The goal is to bring the bikes back to original or better condition while maintaining all the inherent qualities of the brand. Some of our projects are built for racing use.

We privately sell extra bikes and surplus parts from the various projects. This is not a commercial website, but is dedicated to disseminating information about the project bikes we build.

Tate Casey is a mechanical engineer with many years of experience restoring and servicing motorcycles and high performance automobiles, such as Ferrari. He has track experience with both racing cars and motorcycles and is a life-long Ducati enthusiast and student.


Tate Casey with Ducati 748

Tate Casey with Ducati 748

About Tate Casey

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