Razzo Rosso Piston Kit, 94mm   $499/set

Razzo Rosso Piston Kit, 94mm $499/set

Razzo Rosso Forged 94mm Piston Kit

The piston kit consists of the following:

  • 2 x 94mm forged, high-compression pistons

  • 2 x Piston pins

  • 2 x Pin locks (pairs)

  • 2 x Piston ring sets

The advantages of this kit over other big bore kits:

  • Lightweight pistons with short pin

  • Bare piston weight is 333 grams

  • Total piston weight with pin, locks and rings is 433 grams

  • Correct compression ratio for the street (10.5:1)

  • Good value compared to the higher-end kits

  • Also available in 92mm (stock bore size) if you don’t want to bore out the cylinders

This Razzo Rosso piston kit was carefully developed to fill the gap between lower-cost old technology piston kits and some of the higher cost European piston kits. Combining the Euro-design features with made-in-America quality, these Razzo Rosso pistons provide Dyno developed maximum performance for the street, at a reasonable price. Call 949-378-3226 to order.

In the dyno graph below, The Razzo Rosso piston kit was used in a stock 900SS with only mild intake porting done to it. It was tuned with a PCIII for the correct air-fuel ratio. The exhaust was a Termignoni CF muffler only system with standard headers.

The torque number was a direct result of the bigger bore (944cc) and higher compression ratio. Your results may vary.

Dyno Horsepower Graph

Dyno Horsepower Graph

Piston Mounted on Cylinder

Underside of Piston

Underside of Piston